Journalism That Matters sets Oct. 1-4 gathering in Portland focused on community engagement

You’re invited to . . .

Experience Engagement

A national conference and practice workshop: How can communities and journalism thrive together?
Oct. 1-4, 2015, Portland, Oregon


Presented by Journalism That Matters
and the Agora Journalism Center of the University of Oregon



Technology has made us all creators as well as consumers of news and information. And yet, the structures of many of our journalism institutions and practices have fallen behind in their ability to engage with these “new pamphleteers” — to invite them to join and shape a community’s news Pdx-chess.jpgecosystem.

Journalism has created news of the people and news for the people . . . will it abide news BY the people?  

Pdx-cycling.jpgFrom Oct. 1-4, come to Portland, Ore., to learn how to shape a news ecosystem for a Participatory Age. This open-space gathering is for journalists, active citizens, students, educators, researchers, funders, social entrepreneurs, librarians, information technologists, urban designers, sustainability experts — and alumni of Journalism That Matters gatherings.

Over three days in Portland we’ll:

    • Tell stories of engagement and community building from acrPdx-vanagon.jpgoss the country
    • Explore one of the nation’s most liveable cities, meeting with some of its diverse communities
    • Create a “digital playbook” for observing, celebrating and assessing communities
    • Start a learning community to spotlight and foster ideas, connections and projects beyond Oct. 1-4



We want to bring Pdx-train.jpgtogether the best practitioners who are on the leading edge of engaging with communities and re-imagining the future of journalism to identify principles and practices that work.

Join us in a lively and productive exchange around challenging questions with a diverse group of peers who care about journalism with civic impact — the capacity to address shared public challenges. Together, we’ll generate actionable tools, illuminate best practices and develop a strategy for strengthening the information strengths needs of communities.

This is a workshop-style gathering for people already passionate about civic engagement and journalism. So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and participate as a sage off the stage! During the gathering, we’ll model key concepts by engaging community and evaluating impact as part of the meeting. At the heart of the conference is Open Space Technology, a process that enables groups of any size to self-organize and take responsibility for what they love as a means to address complex, important issues.


Space is limited to 125 people, so you should signup now to be on our mailing list for updates. Signing up now will guarantee you a seat once we begin registration and you pay.

We start at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, and end at noon on Sunday, Oct. 4. We understand that your schedule may permit only partial attendance. Indicate that when you register, and we’ll work with you to make the experience — and your participation — valuable to all.


Agora Journalism Center
George S. Turnbull Portland Center
University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication
70 NW Couch Street
Portland, OR 97209-4038




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