Parsing Apple’s announced policy on in-app, third-party subscriptions

For months, news publishers have been debating whether Apple will allow them to maintain their subscriber account relationships when the publishers start launching .apps. which run on the iPad. Today Apple spoke in what seems to be fairly clear language. While there are still some uncertainties, it appears the basic philosphy Apple.s articulating is this: You can keep your users, but we want to keep ours, too. The bottom line: A half a loaf for Apple, a half a loaf for publishers and a full loaf for consumers. What we are beginning to see is the emergence of a Information Valet economy, where the coming battle is over who owns users. In that environment, what.s now needed is a method for sharing users.


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What happens if you erect a ‘paywall’ on your site?

News organizations are looking for additional revenue streams in addition to advertising to support local news and content services on the web. In an 80-minute session, three New England Newspaper & Press Association members discussed their experience.


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Engagement: “Just start by making a few phone calls”

Many years ago, I took a break from journalism for a few months and worked in Illinois for the National Organization for Women, which sought ratified of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment in that state.

I remember the words of a veteran political organization, who went on to work in a senior role at the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton era. He said, “just start by asking people if they’ll make a few phone calls. Then ask them to come in and lick a few envelopes. Then ask them to bring a friend with them to the canvassing center to address envelopes to their friends. Then ask them to go canvassing. And then ask them to start writing letters, and seeing their lawmakers. Before long they.ll be committee and the won.t be any way they are going back.”

I think that’s a model for civic engagement and news reading. There’s nothing partisan about it. News organizations need to invite the public into the fray, into the discussion, into the great and real business of democracy. You can call that R&D.

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