AUDIO (mp3 format): JRC’s John Paton at MediaNews Denver

Listen to Journal Register Corp. CEO John Paton address and answer questions from employees of the Denver Post and MediaNews Group on Sept. 7, 2011 in Denver in this 36-minute MP3 podcast:   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD/PLAY

The original audio was posted as a WMA-formatted file HERE.  The MP3 format can be played on Apple devices more readily than WMA. The only editing of this MP3 version was to eliminate a minute of whitenoise at the beginning of the session and pauses of more than a couple of seconds. The audio level of some questioners was also boosted. If you would like to stream the audio without downloading it, you can reach it from this blog post.

Paton is introduced by Dean Singleton, executive chairman of Media News Group and a co-founder of the company. The person first heard introducing Singleton is not identified in the recording. For a partial transcript of this audio and Paton’s remarks and answers, go to

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