AUDIO: A behind-the-scenes look at the ad targetting business

Mark DeChant


BOULDER, Colo. — Mark DeChant began his media career as a reporter, editor and graphic-artist for newspapers in Ohio and Indiana. But then a colleague encouraged him to switch gears and begin working on the business and sales side of newspapers.

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Ad targetting methods

Ad targetting effectiveness (DeChant slide)

Some 20 years later, DeChant is now a major-accounts executive for Baynote, Inc., a leading technology company in the fast-growing and chaotically inventive world of advertising personalization and targetting.

In this 50-minute talk, DeChant provides a layperson’s summary of all the techniques used by ad-targetting companies to see to it that your experience surfing and buying on the web is completely different from anyone else’s. That’s because you will see different advertisements, and sometimes even different stories — based upon your previous web behavior, including the sites you’ve visited, the links you’ve clicked on and how long you wait before the next click.

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